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AppColl Tandem

Give Clients Tandem

Did you know?

An AppColl Tandem account is an effective and secure way for IP firms using AppColl PM Plus to provide clients with a controlled copy of their own IP portfolio information.

The best part? It's free!

The data that is transferred from the attorney’s account to the corporation’s account is completely controlled by the attorney and can be adjusted or stopped at any time.

A Tandem account provides the following client benefits:

• The ability to easily create and run reports on task, matters and contacts data, effectively creating a "shadow docket".
• Basic data entry features to add and update tasks, matters and contacts.
• Read-only access to information that has been synced from other AppColl accounts.
• Unlimited client logins.
• Automatic syncing of data nightly from the attorney’s account to Tandem account.
• A Tandem account can be instantly upgraded to an AppColl PM Plus account to provide more functionality when required.


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